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The industry has always been a referent on network infrastructure. From sensors to switches, and furthermore to controllers, they all become together into complex automation systems, which can be hard to monitor and it can be even harder to detect a malfunction or a failure.
Lift-off is here to ease the pain produced by production downtime and increase productivity. Through the use of our universal gateway (literally)it is compatible with thousands of brands and industrial manufacturers, we collect, process and show you the data that you want to see through a beautiful but industry wise dashboard.

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Universal Gateway

Powerful gateway of industrial grade, that allows DIRECT COMMUNICATION between the device and the DATABASES (Historian, MySQL, MongoDB, etc.), even when there is no visualization.

Web-based platform

The admin and visualization web-based system is the perfect companion for our powerful hardware. Our platform allows the creation of incredible dashboards, with visual exceptional and unparalleled visual impact. It also counts with more than 200 available plugins for notifications, alerts, graphs, reports, connectors, etc.

Unlimited Licenses

The system requires only one license and provides an unlimited amount of clients, admins, connections, variables, dashboards, reports, notifications and other advantages of having a web-based tool.

Unlimited historization

Data historization was never as simple, free and powerful. There is no need to acquire a different license every time that more variables need to be stored. Given our architecture, unique in the market, ALL the variables are historized without congesting the network and with security standards to protect your information.

Machine Learning and AI

Our system is ready for data analytics in real time to find automatized opportunities for improvement in the workflow, with predictive processes and automated decision making.

Guaranteed scalability

The system grows automatically with the client requirements, without additional costs in licenses or support cost by growth administration during the contract period.

Alerting notifications

Monitoring gets easier with the setup of alert rules and notifications. When an alert changes state, it sends out notifications. The notifications can be sent over email, whatsapp, slack, among others, and every alert rule can have several notifications.

Auditory alarming system

Alarms do not only show up in the platform or the selected notification system (WhatsApp, telegram, email, among others), they also emit auditory alarm signals to allow everyone involved to know that something needs attention.

Safety included

An integral monitoring system should also consider security systems, such as fire alarm and control systems, which can easily be integrated through or widgets and plugins.


Integrated modules

Lift-off includes over 200 modules for reports, visualization, alarms, etc. without additional pricing


No other system is as easy and simple to implement and use. The focus based on dashboards is the key to our efficiency.

Support & Warranty

An amazing support team, filled with love to help you out, and the longest warranty in the market

Case studies


Lift-off was put to the test in a datacenter, for control of air conditiones, chillers, among others.

Milk Bottling

The whole control system of milk bottling process was monitored through Lift-off

Chocolate industry

Chocolate bars production in this small factory has never been this controlled

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